from Becky Lyon

If you are  in London between December 6th – January 5th, I’m presenting a new iteration of Fieldnotes from a Technobiocology, with some new organisms as part of ‘life.formed: Shapes of Non-Human Ecologies’ at TENSION Gallery, featuring myself and the brilliant Saroj Patel. The curation of the show is experiment as we attempt to find ways to create symbiosis (or colonisation!) between our two sets of sculptures or ‘ecosystems’. 

Fieldnotes from a Technobiocology is an evolving installation situated in an imaginary, post-human future where biology and technology have converged to create new life forms, new ‘lively’ forms and new self-sustaining ecosystems free from human intervention. What kinds of being may emerge from the debris of DNA editing experiments? At the meeting point of nourishing earth and electrical waste? Where digital code meets biologic hardware?

We also have two accompanying events: 

Saturday 14th December – Artist Talk & Non-human Life Drawing 

Saturday 4th Jan 2010 – ELASTIC NATURE 6: Other Ecologies?