After gentle persuasion from our First Friday regulars, we WILL host First Friday in August. Usually it’s time to take a break for the summer, but times are not usual and there seems to be an appetite to continue over the summer…so here we are.

Read more about how to connect to the meeting. For those experienced in using Zoom, the meeting ID for August is 882 9772 2108  The password: 484128.

NOTE that you need to be registered with Zoom (it’s free) and you need to be logged in before you can join the meeting. Why? Because there have been numerous ‘zoom bombings’ where highly unwanted and very disturbing material has been posted to a Zoom conversation by bad people. One way to protect us from this is by asking you to log on before joining the meeting.


An invitation to participate

We will gather on Zoom at 1300hrs BST to share conversation. If you’re unsure about how to do this there is a special page on the website to tell you how to connect.

Share food:  If you’d like to send us a recipe, please do. In July Tony Lopez tantalised us with his smoked just-landed mackerel with his own gooseberries. Yum. Send us yours to share…

Share art, share conversation:  The format of August’s meeting is up for grabs. Propose something, offer some work or some thoughts, or craft a conversation. Contact us with your ideas.

We’re open to all kinds of contributions, so if you want to write or make something in response to the question that you’d like to have a few minutes to share.


When & Where

As usual, we start at 13.00 BST. The whole meeting will be no longer than two hours (but you can come and go as you wish). Two hours seems to be about the limit for holding attention online.

First Fridays are always open to all but necessarily limited by geographic concerns. We regularly welcome friends from deepest Cornwall and other neighbouring counties and sometimes from further afield. But now, you can join us from anywhere.

And no, since you didn’t ask but may be wondering, you don’t have to be a member to be part of First Friday – anyone can join us. But of course you’re always welcome to become one!


[the image is taken from one of Charlotte Rathbone’s Soil Tasting workshops at an event.]