First Fridays are our monthly series of informal artist get-togethers where the conversation may stray from the triassic to contemporary reusable plastics — and just about anywhere in between. Last month (courtesy of Hugh Nankivell and friends) we had a lonely lion strolling through the part in Torquay. First Fridays are open to anyone who wants to get involved – you don’t need to be an member (but of course we always welcome you if you’d like to become one).

The sessions last about an hour and are friendly and informal. Participants come from across the world and are always a mix of ‘regulars’ and new people.

There are still slots available for you to share some work, in idea, a thought…whatever takes your fancy or occupies your mind at the moment. Open it up for discussion with this lively group. If you would like to share (10-15 mins each) just drop us a line.

Watch this space for more updates and information about who will be sharing.


How to join

If you’re a Zoom beginner, read more about how to connect to the meeting. For those experienced in using Zoom, the meeting ID for October is 856 2394 5579 and the password is 098606.

We will gather on Zoom at 1300hrs GMT to share ideas and thoughts – we usually go for around 60 minutes which is as long as anyone can deal with an online meeting!