Join us on May 4 for First Friday

As always, we gather at 1pm for a shared lunch – bring something to share. Around 2, we re-convene for our guest artist talk, this month by Laura Hopes, hosted by Mark Leahy (who is an Director).

Laura says:

“I am an artist working in digital sound and film, installed spaces and sculpture, and have developed a body of work based around explorations of what I term the ‘sublime anthropocene’.

My practice seeks out locations that for me act as scars of the anthropocene; industrial, technological or agricultural environments where “its singular assets can no longer be produced… The timber has been cut; the oil has run out; the plantation soil no longer supports crops. The search for assets resumes elsewhere. Thus simplification for alienation produces ruins, spaces of abandonment for asset production.” (Anna Tsing, 2015).

My artistic practice is made up of physical, intuitive and often collaborative explorations of place. My aim is that through performative explorations of sites, you and I, as activator, audience or observer can come to a more intimate and embodied knowledge of place. Research has shown that people respond more positively to playful explorations of complex ideas and become more attuned to the common human condition after a ‘peak experience’, and it is this sense of ‘full-body inclusion, that I want to tap into. I also want to avoid the moral defeatism and apathy engendered by a surfeit of ecological warnings. As such, I am interested in the use of stories to activate place and playful interventions to illuminate terrifying themes and radical and provocative re-interpretations of place.”

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To find First Friday, head to Dartington Hall and park in the main car park (if you’re coming by bus it will deposit you near the main car park; if you’re coming by taxi ask them to drop you at Lower Close / Space).

Walk DOWN the hill and to the second turn on your right where there is a large banner that says SPACE. Walk to the end of that approach and enter the main building at Reception. Turn to your right and then head up the stairs to the Garden Room.