First Fridays are our monthly series of informal artist get-togethers where the conversation may stray from the triassic to contemporary reusable plastics — and just about anywhere in between. Last month (courtesy of Hugh Nankivell and friends) we had a lonely lion strolling through the part in Torquay. First Fridays are open to anyone who wants to get involved – you don’t need to be an member (but of course we always welcome you if you’d like to become one).

For November we have an open mic although we’d love to know in advance if you’d like to share something with the group. You can share whatever you want – work in progress or something unfinished or just an idea you’re playing with. But why not pick a favourite text and read to us?  or pick a favourite piece of music or art and tell us why it’s important to you? Or, as First Fridays pre-pandemic were about sharing food, why not share a favourite recipe with us and tell us a story behind it?

The sessions last about an hour and are friendly and informal. Participants come from across the world and are always a mix of ‘regulars’ and new people.

Let us know if you’d like to contribute something. It may be that it’s time to take a break for a couple of months. If we don’t have any contributions lined up by the beginning of November perhaps that will make sense.