Call for book chapters


Food and Medicine: A Biosemiotic Perspective

The ubiquity of food and medicines in their varied forms in everyday life may explain why they became unmissable issues in the history of sign studies. Indeed, a semiotic awareness was key in the first attempts by western physicians to formalize their art, and to this day, medical personnel still speak of medical semiology and medical semiotics. Food-related issues likewise were present in some early cultural semiological analyses of the mid-twentieth century, where adaptions of fundamental notions from structuralist linguistics to non-linguistic phenomena were instrumental in forging what came to be known as food studies. Considering the ever- evolving character of semiotics and of biosemiotics specifically, considering a keen popular interest in issues relating to food and medicines (fueled by an increasing body of interdisciplinary knowledge), it is relevant and timely that these issues be addressed in a unified book-length study…



To be considered for this volume, please submit the title of the proposed chapter, an abstract (500-800 words) including principal references, as well as a short author biography (250 words) specifying title(s) and affiliations by December 30, 2018 to and Co-authored proposals are welcome.

All abstract submissions received by December 30, 2018 Completed chapters due April 15, 2019
Requests for revisions returned to authors by May 15, 2019 Final manuscripts due July 20, 2019

Length of final chapters 6,000 – 10,000 words

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