Wednesday 17th August 2016


£10 (£8.50 for concessions)

Milton Keynes Arts Centre, MK14 5DZ

Please bring a packed lunch and we will picnic.

FOUNDATIONS is a laboratory for site-responsive artists to develop performance concepts, techniques and skills in specific relation to the unique and divisive landscape of Milton Keynes. 

Having laid its own foundations in 1957, Milton Keynes is either the most complex or the most simple of destinations to navigate: rigidly organised into grid formation the base of Milton Keynes remains farmland and wildflower meadows, but yet, concrete brutalist structures punctuate every junction, no corners can be turned as one is guided around roundabout after roundabout. On foot one may get lost on the Redways and pathways with no landmarks to orient oneself; humans, whilst at the heart of Milton Keynes Development Corporation’s plans, are rendered invisible and kept out of sight from the town’s arteries of roads. Encounters are hard to come by, therefore, with Milton Keynes 50th anniversary approaching, the town is still defining its unique identity, in part, embracing its inception as drawings and plans in architects minds, in part, in the ideals of social heterotopia of community. However, this town, established to grow into a city, still remains a town. It still very much resides in its FOUNDATIONS.

How does a city grow? How does one develop and cultivate their own practice in relationship to the sites they encounter? What dialogues and performative encounters may be fostered? FOUNDATIONS not only challenges MK to begin to build its identity within the boundaries of its existing infrastructure but it invites artists to conceptually and practically unearth alternative aspects to this easy to overlook, yet conspicuous town, and equally within their own practice.

Join Groundwork artists Beatrice Jarvis, Phil Smith and Aaron James who lead our first laboratory of exploration to offer a cross-disciplinary set of activities that spans writing, movement, sonic techniques and performance.

Whilst this is focused on exploring site through Beatrice’s, Phil’s and Aaron’s practices, FOUNDATIONS seeks to allow participants to equally explore, find and develop aspects of their own skill-set and curiosity in either site-responsive practice, utopian developments or dystopian realisations.

The day is suitable for professional artists and students from all disciplines who are keen to engage with a range of practices. We encourage people to take part in all sessions of the day, however if there is only one specific element that interests you please email us for further information –

The day is hosted by Tracing the Pathway as part of Groundwork at Milton Keynes Arts Centre.

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Tracing the Pathway is an arts collective and not-for-profit community group exploring the relationships that form in the encounter between bodies, sites and memories. Forging an itinerant and socially-responsive approach to creativity, we create performances, artworks, workshops and bookworks; we produce and curate performance residencies and festivals; run professional development and educational activities; and conduct practice-as-research projects. At the heart of our approach lies a curiosity to explore the environments we inhabit and a desire to investigate the ways in which people can share their personal experiences of a place, exchange stories, gift traces and represent the past to create new pathways into the future.

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