Registration now open

Registration is now open for Language, Landscape & the Sublime 2016. As places are very limited, we recommend early registration.

This event is part of Schumacher College’s Ecological Arts programme. More detailed information can be found at

Call for participation

The call for participation is currently open. The deadline for submissions in November 29, 2015.

We are interested in submissions that embrace the following formats, although we are equally open to your suggestions. Note that in each case we will add time for Q&A, but please think about how interaction with the audience can be built into your offer. Formats might be:

  • traditional paper presentations lasting no more than 20 minutes
  • panel discussions, live interviews, and other discursive formats, lasting between 30-50minutes
  • presentation of artwork, indoor or outdoor
  • walking and other outdoor activities, particularly ones that engage with theoretical orphilosophical thought in addition to their creative content
  • workshops, lasting no longer than 3 hours
  • if you are geographically distant, you can send papers for inclusion in the publicationonly. These submissions will be considered along with all others, on the understanding that you are unable to attend the event itself. There will be a nominal registration fee to help cover publication costs. Please see website for further details.

Topics of interest

Day 1 centres in particular around language, poiesis, and landscape. In Day 2 this focus continues, but with an emphasis on designed landscape and forms of representation, especially the landscape of the picturesque and those of Capability Brown. Sharpham House, the location of the second day, is set within a garden and parkland attributed to Capability Brown whose tricentennial is celebrated in 2016.

We have no desire to be prescriptive or proscriptive, but here are some possible topics: • Literatures of nature
• Nature, representation and meaning
• Re-kindling the romantic gesture

• Conflicted and contested relationship to the natural world • Poetics and Poiesis
• The Picturesque and Sublime today
• Nature and fear

• Walking
• Phenomenology of nature and landscape
• Being in nature, nature and Being
• Live writing, live drawing
• Living today in yesterday’s landscapes
• Alienation and estrangement from the land
• Climate change and the landscape of the anthropocene


We will produce an online publication from the event that will include formal papers as well as other forms of record.In You can submit 2,000 to 2,500 words for presentation at the conference and/or for inclusion in the publication.

In addition we have been invited to produce a special edition of the transdisciplinary refereed journal Environment, Space, Place (Zeta Books, Romania) which will come out in 2017. This will contain selected material from the Symposium and/or material triggered by the Symposium.


Dr. Richard Povall
Schumacher College