Little Toller and Common Ground have launched a crowdfunder to cover the costs of printing a new community guide to celebrating and protecting the trees in our lives. We’ve managed to raise half of what we need and need your help getting across the finish line.

Several years in the making, Living with Trees is a cornucopia of ideas and inspiration — in architecture, healthcare, art, education, flood mitigation, ecology, natural regeneration — that explores why trees and woods offer such great potential for rebuilding our wider relationship with nature and provide an essential tool for helping cope with climate change.

The Forestry Commission, the Woodland Trust, Trees for Cities and a private donor have supported the research and writing so far. We’re in the design phase at Little Toller, and as the book fills with lovely colour artwork, we’re reaching out for help to cover the printing costs so we can keep the cover price where it needs to be to reach the widest possible audience.

We’re not offering fancy rewards. Instead, we’re asking for your support so we can concentrate on what we do best: making a lovely book that inspires a generation of tree lovers and forest dreamers into action. In return, you’ll receive copies and be named in the acknowledgements for your support in the finished book.


LIVING WITH TREES from Common Ground Cinema on Vimeo.