The internationally renowned Art, Space, Nature (ASN) programme at Edinburgh College of Art, established in 2003, offers a framework of advanced study in the visual arts, architectural and environmental practice. Working from the axiom of ecology, that all things are interconnected, we operate between

philosophy, protocols, policies, places, people, & particles

                                                                        animated by a transdisciplinary sensibility to engage complex environmental situations, exploring the intersections between people, society, and environment, as a dynamic conjuncture of social, economic, ecological and cultural factors. Creative practice is charged with the potential to bring measure and insight to our anthropocentric condition, to explore contested issues, such as creative ecologies and landscape systems, spatial and site informed interventions, embodied values and experiential natures, relational technologies and applied media, eco-philosophy and critical theory, as a critical and creative response to the world around us. We develop culturally astute, politically aware and visually perceptive individuals, responding to the current demand to educate a new generation through enlightened thought and engaged practice.