Four forthcoming movement workshops with Sandra Reeve: a chance to explore environmental, autobiographical and ecological movement.

Trees and Water: an introduction to Environmental Movement
Dates: 29th – 30th April, 2017  ~  Location: West Dorset

Working with wind, space, branches, leaves and with sea, rock, pebbles, your senses wake up to wild difference. Find new moves, new perceptions, new awareness of you-in-place. The workshop explore our experience of structure and space in movement. Much of the weekend will be spent outdoors, in woodland and along the shoreline. Full workshop details


Strata: Autobiographical Movement
Dates: 20th-25th May 2017  ~  Location: West Dorset

Work through movement, through creating installations in the land and through exploring your relationship with different outdoor sites with an autobiographical theme that is uppermost in your life. We move down through the strata of Stonebarrow – a ‘Jurassic’ hill – until we reach the sea. Each location offers a different kind of terrain, which will afford different movement possibilities and different associations. Gradually you find the terrain and the spot that suits you best to create a piece of work which will be witnessed by others at the close of the workshop. Full workshop details


The Ecological Body
Dates: 15th -22nd July 2017  ~  Location: West Dorset
Niche, pattern and emergence are the lenses used to explore the sense of being ‘among’ rather than at the centre of the world. This workshop begins from a sense of the collective. As moving, adaptive beings we study our relationship to change through movement in a clifftop garden on the Jurassic coast. As the week progresses we choose whether to move from daily life, healing, sacred or performance sense. The week finishes with shared individual and small group movement pieces to crystallise each person’s experience within the group. Full workshop details


Ecological Movement: an introduction
Dates: 29th Sept- 3rd October, 2017  ~  Lenzie, near Glasgow, Scotland

Working mainly outside we will study movement ‘in any condition’ – different times of day, different weathers, different tasks.
Everything is in movement. How can we move more fluidly with change, reacting less to it and embodying less resistance or less grasping? How can we begin to shift our own attitudes towards the reality of the world as a shared habitat rather than owned territory? Full workshop details

Move into Life with Sandra Reeve  ~ Bookings:  01297 560511

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