from our friends at OSR Projects:


Dear wanderers and wonderers,

This weekend, we would have gathered for Od Arts Festival: Alone with Everybody. There would be a flurry of activity in the streets, fields, eateries and village halls around East and West Coker. People would have walked, talked, dined, danced and made things together. We’d have explored secret places and entered virtual worlds.

Though we can’t celebrate our togetherness in person at the moment, we’d love to share a few taster morsels from our programme – things you can watch, read and listen to at home.

The Walking Reading Group, Marcy Saude and Ruth Waters invite you to preview their Od Arts Festival projects, and you can read Sammy Playford’s review of our March seminar Solitary Encounters.

Enjoy, tell us what you think, and we look forward to seeing you when Od returns!

An image of two women in outdoor clothing, standing in a field with sheep in the distance.

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