Books operates its own imprint, primarily to support our research activity and events.

Occasionally we choose to publish the work of our members or colleagues, artists with whom there is a particular synergy, or an unusual book we support that is unllikely to find an outlet elsewhere.

If you have a book project and are interested in speaking with us about publication under the imprint please contact us. Please bear in mind however that we have no funds to support publication so you will need to cover your own costs.


Other publishers

If you know of any small presses or publishers specialising in words about art, ecology, nature, etc. please let us know.

Here are some we know and are excited about:

Blood Axe Books

Brambleby Books 

Dark Mountain

Dunlin Press

Little Toller

Lethologica Press

Longbarrow Press

Moon Willow Press

Nine Arches Press

Singing Apple Press

Stride Publications

Triarchy Press


Twitter feed

We’re v. busy at the moment working on the programme for Borrowed Time ( THANKS to everyone who sent us something. Even though BT is happening in November, Covid is likely still to be a complicating factor. Watch this space for further updates.

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