Performance Research Journal
Call for Proposals
Vol. 24, No. 7: ‘On Disappearance’ (Oct/Nov 2019)

Issue Editors:
Esther Belvis (Universitat Autònoma de Barcelona) & José Antonio Sánchez (Universidad de Castilla-La Mancha)

Proposal deadline: Wed. 13 March 2019

This issue focuses on disappearance as a divergent approach to discussing aspects of the geopolitical, symbolic and social in relation to the body, in opposition to the global discourses that approach it from the concept of presence. Disappearance puts critical pressure on the construction of biography and history as it defies visual, continuous and iterative forms of representation and interacts with the vulnerable territory of the invisible. The dramaturgies of disappearance also serve to challenge the neo-liberal tendency to value contemporary arts practice through visibility and productivity and to rethink the blurred territories of the isolated, hidden or unconnected. Moreover, disappearance is closely intertwined with globalization as it generates production modes that render resources, species and cultural traditions and formations extinct. Thus, this issue of Performance Research urges us to consider how contemporary life is shaped by disappearance and how it delimits earthly consequences.

The issue seeks to explore the implications of disappearance as an act, a form of enquiry or narrative and proposes the following topics:

● Artistic practices or theoretical reflections that address forced disappearance as a form of coercion due to political or economic reasons, with a special focus on Latin American but also open to other territories dealing with this issue.
● Experimental writings or performative practices that use disappearance as a poetic principle.
● Artistic practices that question the disappearance of the author as a critical instrument in opposition to the commercialization and commodification of one’s life.
● Artistic practices or theoretical reflections that interrogate the disappearance of languages, traditions and other cultural manifestations as a result of neo-colonialism, globalization or extractivism.
● Artistic practices or theoretical reflections that address modes of disappearance related to censorship, historical counterfeit, destruction of archives, etc.
● Artistic practices or theoretical reflections that give evidence of the disappearance of ecosystems and species as a form of colonialism.
● Artistic practices or theoretical reflections that address the controversies of individual and collective acts of disappearance.
● Artistic practices or theoretical reflections that discuss magic as a ritual that signals the extraordinary and unique in disappearing.

Areas of potential interest and intersections with performance may include, but are not restricted to:

● Philosophies of the Anthropocene
● Act and gestures of disappearance
● Disappearance of species, ecological emergencies
● Disappearance of languages and cultural forms
● Disappearing identities
● The disappearance of the author
● Intellectual property, forms of appropriation and the disappearance of art value
● Forms of body absence: death, kidnapping, suicide, disappearance
● Heritage and disappearance
● Destruction of archives
● Disappearing institutions
● The rise of the digital and disappearance
● Amputation, mutilation, abortion and organ transplantation
● Poetics of fading
● Actions against oblivion and impunity
● Silence, inaudibility and disappearance
● Inhabiting the invisible
● Aesthetics of the absent
● Magic, rituals and techniques of disappearance.

Proposals: Wednesday 13 March 2019
First drafts: June 2019
Final drafts: August 2019
Publication: Oct/Nov 2019

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