Hello, IEA members and friends,

It’s my pleasure to share a new addition to Language & Ecology.  “Pigsty” by Gazelle Buchholtz is now available in the Creative Works section at ecolinguistics-association.org/journal .  Ms. Buchholtz has a Master of Science, Biology-Communication of Scientific Knowledge and a minor in creative writing, and is a student in IEA’s Stories We Live By. The original Danish version of her story was published on www.tellmeastorytoru.dk .
To all students in the course, please remember that you are welcome to submit works (scholarly papers, book reviews, responses to previous works in Language & Ecology, poetry, creative prose and stories, and visual pieces) at any time.  Please refer to the author guidelines which can be found at ecolinguistics-association.org/submissions .


Amy A. Free, Journal Editor
Language & Ecology
International Ecolinguistics Association