If you’re planning to join us for our virtual First Friday on May 1, we’ve just published three recipes for you to make to share with someone else. It’s not too late to include your recipe…send it to us and we’ll try to include it this time (if not, then next).

Several people have also proposed artworks to share. If you have, someone will be in touch early next week – if you haven’t send anything but would like to share something with the virtual gathering (and ideally tell us a little bit about it) send it to Richard.

You can find all the details of how to take part here including a mini-tutorial of how to use Zoom if you haven’t used it before. Not having done this before, and not having any idea how many people we might have joining us, we’ll just have to play it be ear about how the meeting progresses. But we’ll start at 13.00 on Friday May 1. First we can talk about food then we can talk about art.

All are welcome.