Finally after a rather long wait and many delays, the print version of In Other Tongues is now available at an introductory price of £15.

In Other Tongues is a collection of essays and poetry arising from the international symposium that took place at Dartington Hall from June 7-9 2017. Read more at

Our understanding of the world around us has been a constantly-shifting thing. We have always sought to explain natural phenomena we can’t understand and to use myth, ritual and religion to add structure and narrative to this most complex and puzzling place. More recently, as our scientific understanding of the world evolved and its tenets ever more culturally dominant, we fought to dismiss superstition and myth, confident in our new knowledges and delighted with our infinite ability to understand the ineffable.

The book contains articles by (in print order) Richard Povall, Jude Allen, Susanne Karr, Louise Livingstone, Cherie Sampson, Susan Richardson, John Hartley, Stuart Mugridge, Rosie Jones, Dougie Strang, Alyson Hallett, Mat Osmond, Christos Galanis and Wendy Wheeler. Click on image above to see table of contents.

Eds: Stuart Mugridge, Dr Richard Povall


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