Carol Sharp

Carol Sharp

I am a photographic artist working with nature and plants in particular. I use my art practice to explore how my images can suggest abstract concepts using nature as metaphor, illustrating the patterns and connections between the cycles and processes in nature and our own, not only physical but also emotional.

I have become deeply connected with the plant world. When capturing imagery I use a different type of perception to not only see the form, but to understand the meaning of the form, which reveals the plant’s ‘gesture’, showing traits and behaviour in plants that are very similar to humans.

My approach uses different types of perception to not only see the form, but to intuit meaning behind the form and to reveal its ‘gesture’ then suggest aspects of the human condition through these gestures.

I have also become drawn to connectivity in nature and the interconnectedness of all things of all things, and I use shapes and patterns in nature as metaphors to illustrate this.

I have been involved with CCANW since 2010.




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March 8, 2017