Caroline Burke

Caroline Burke

I work with a variety of photographic processes in my creative practice. ‘Torridge Estuary October 2016 Ghostfishing ‘ is from my current on-going series ‘What Remains’.

These cameraless photographs are made, not taken, using objects that I find on walks/journeys along Devon estuaries at low tide.

The work references our throwaway culture. Marine debris is common as is single use plastic.

The work is also material document of my journeys.

They are about that particular place on a particular day. I revisit locations and some things will be the same and some will have changed.

I use a flat bed scanner to create them, which gives a particular aesthetic, which is significant. This aesthetic attraction, which can stand as a contradiction when you acknowledge the potential threat that these objects can pose to marine life is used to draw the viewer in with the subsequent message of awareness ‘What Remains’ sits within a larger collection of projects that reflect my long-standing interest in marginal spaces where land and water meet. I am a member of the Land Water research group at Plymouth University.

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