Margaret Harland

Margaret Harland

My practice and explorations have been based on the river valley systems of Dartmoor.  I have sought a way to represent the ephemeral natural world, coupled with the phenomenological understanding of ‘being’ in the land, and my sense of wonder at what I encounter.  Cyanotypes fascinate me as they contain no perspective, no horizon and convey ambiguities of scale.  The traces of life that I find on my wanderings, the fleeting, small and often unobserved, are transformed into sculptural forms surrounded by blue.

The other strand of enquiry has been to find a photographic language to convey the notion of a ‘place-outside-of-place’, spaces of the mind, in response to mental health issues within the family, myself included.  I started to question reality, just what is real?  “Even an ordinary, healthy brain does not always give us a true picture of the world, because it has no direct connection to the physical world around us.  Our brains have to make inferences about the world through information received through our senses.  Simultaneity, the usage in art of multiple views that reveal different perspectives, as opposed to single point perspective, has been behind much of my searching and experimentation over the past years in an attempt to convey this strangeness of being, the spaces of the mind.


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August 30, 2017

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