Mark and Rebecca Ford

Mark and Rebecca Ford

We work with found and grown natural materials in the UK to make monumental woven environments and have a strong interest in the archaeology, geography and mystery of the natural world, drawing on ancient traditions and techniques of willow craft and woodland conservation. Our surreal installations are based on plant forms as the potential of all living things.

Protecting our wild places is what we care about. Our motivation comes from a commitment to engaging with the natural world and developing, empowering and engaging people in an enquiry as to what is possible.

In the UK we live in the South Downs National Park and are present to tensions that occur when demands of urban living collide and conflict with the natural world. We believe it is our duty as artists to create a generative dialogue between these opposing demands.

We have created projects in association with environmental authorities, in all levels of education and at Land Art Events. extraordinary opportunity to develop and challenge our practice as artists and create artworks with local communities that provokes questions about human activity and the true value of our wild spaces.

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