Mark Goldthorpe

Organisation: ClimateCultures
I’m an independent researcher, writer and project & events manager with over 25 years’ experience collaborating on environmental and climate change issues. My focus is on researching, supporting and delivering cultural and creative responses to our predicaments.
I created as a platform for artists, curators and researchers to share and develop approaches, and nurture ‘creative conversations for the Anthropocene’. I also edit the website, a project reimagining the legacy and example of visionary artist William Blake for the 21st century. And, at, my miniblog provides a ‘1 minute read’: a maximum of 200 words every weekday, drawn from across my interests and experience in environmental topics as seen through the lenses of science, arts, practice, policy, news and experience.
I work with artists, other practitioners and organisations. With the charity TippingPoint, I helped bring together artists and researchers at creative summits and trigger new connections, commissions and collaborations. Previously, I worked with the National Trust, universities, climate change partnerships and local initiatives on a range of projects.
You can contact me at and on Twitter: @MarkJGoldthorpe and @ClimateCultures


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March 6, 2017