Philippa Lawrence

I seek to foster understanding and appreciation of the shifting value, production and status of earth’s resources, materials, art and artefacts. My practice is diverse, grounded in reading and understanding site, embracing land and environmental art, textiles in a fine art context, and relationships between art, craft and design. I am interested in the multiple spaces we occupy psychological and physical, private and public, and in activity, labor and fabrication in relation to site. Materials and processes are context-led. Research into our cultural heritage of making leads me to acquire skills such as gilding, French polishing and industrial enameling. I write – pulling threads – making connections between space, practice, location, time and material. I work with resources, people and places where art can engage, educate and reframe the natural world to create dialogue and exchange between people and place – to activate space and in turn others.





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Posted on

January 13, 2020