Rachel Webb

Drawn into the branching patterns and layers of the natural world, and of human relationships with the non-human, my work is both how I deepen those connections for myself and how I communicate them to others, hungry for a sense of belonging and a new paradigm for more connected lives.

In my immediate landscape of North Leitrim in the West of Ireland I focus on trees and their reflections, sky and animals, textures and colours, taking pictures which I then meld together in Photoshop. At the moment I’m working on inserting images of small natural objects like leaves, webs, stones and fungus, into larger woodland landscapes.

I also make videos – using my voice interacting with natural sounds to invoke the more uncanny aspects of the environment and the ecology of my dreams and altered states, with the intention of communicating my experience of the non-human world as our mysterious and sacred home.


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April 5, 2017

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