Rob & Harriet Fraser

Somewhere-nowhere uses the power of curiosity and pause to engage with the elements that give a sense of place, and let stories gradually reveal themselves. Sometimes these are stories of joy and celebration, sometimes they shed light on heritage. They may provoke further investigation or action, or touch on issues of struggle or loss in a local-global system where everything is connected, and balance can be elusive.

Rooted in the natural world, somewhere-nowhere celebrates the value of walking and slow time outdoors, and has grown from a collaborative practice of photography and writing. Somewhere-nowhere uses exploration, discovery and creativity to build connections between people and nature.

We express what we find through photography, prose writing, poetry, video and temporary installations. On larger projects we work with local and national organisations. This allows us to bring together strong teams of experts and delve into discussions with people whose views are not always in harmony. We highlight what everyone has in common before looking into areas of disagreement: creative celebration of shared values can help towards joined-up thinking and collaboration when it comes to caring for our environment and the natural lives and human cultures it supports.


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January 20, 2017

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