Susan Milne

I am a visual artist with a studio practice in the Black Mountains on the Welsh borders. My work is driven by ideas that derive from a direct observation of the land and the natural environment, to my sensory responses, and from enquiry into all aspects of the land. I am stimulated by an immersive approach to making and enjoy engaging all my senses in the experience of being close to the land and working with the elements. The materials and methods that I use are dictated by the concept. Concepts that regularly inhabit my work include fragmentation, transformation and transience. I aim to make work that has a basis in knowledge and touches on a deeper level of the intrinsic human connection to the land and landscape. In my work in arts education I have promoted a cross-disciplinary approach to learning and a collaborative connection between the arts and sciences and my personal practice has benefited from working on collaborative projects.




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April 28, 2020

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