Dave Pritchard

Dendros: Horizons of Change

Issues of humankind’s feeling for trees and the values they represent, our conceptions of change in the environment, the timescales in which we think about such change, and how we respond (in philosophy, art, and policymaking), were the springboard for the suite of activities that make up this project.

These include: photographs presenting an arresting microcosm of humankind’s interaction with the natural world; a reflection on the biology of how trees and introduced structures interact; a picture of altered seasonal tree patterns drawn by climate change data; and an installation in a forest on related themes, linked to land-use policy. Cooperation with conservation and scientific bodies, and with the Centre for Contemporary Art & the Natural World, was a central feature.

Dave Pritchard’s book ‘Dendros’ (from the Greek for ‘tree’) is also available, and offers a fresh look at the way we see the ‘event structure’ of the world.