In the Midst of Wonders

In The Midst Of Wonders

MA Art & Environment: Interim Show 2011

13 –18 December 2011

The Poly, 24 Church Street, Falmouth

Over the past year, students from the MA Art & Environment group have stretched and flexed their perceptions and skills in pursuit of a process and a practice rooted in the Earth… in its fascinating wonders, its humbling gifts, and its inspirational poetry. They create, mend, perform, question, share and cook a rich array of actions, articulations and aesthetics. Both curious and commonplace, their art offers a space for questions. It speaks a language steeped in contemplation, while offering punctuations of the sublime. In reaching into the very fabric of the universe for its threads of inspiration, it bestows discoveries and delights. It is an art that of itself offers wonders.

“I will act as if what I do makes a difference.” William James

For centuries artists have interpreted and represented the natural environment. It has provided materials and subject matter, as well as inspiration and knowledge. In recent times – particularly since the growth of the environmental movement – there has been a dramatic change in our understanding of the many ways our society impacts upon the Earth. This awareness has galvanized around the fact that the relationship between humanity and our life-giving planet is in a critical state. This change in knowledge has been reflected in contemporary art practice. It is within this context that MA Art & Environment encourages a focused engagement with ecological and environmental issues and promotes art as an agent of change.

The catalogue of the exhibition can be found on the RANE Papers & Publications page.