Rabbit Island is 90 acres of forest and sandstone rising out of Lake Superior, four miles east of Michigan’s Keweenaw Peninsula. It is a unique environment home to a variety of flora and fauna including large white pines, red maples, bald eagles, nesting birds, salamanders, and more. Native lake trout and salmon swim in the waters surrounding the island. The weather is palpable and can vary day to day, creating beautiful vistas and humbling experiences. A conservation easement insures that the island’s ecosystem will remain protected forever.

Each year, up to three applications will receive funding to travel to, live on, and make work amongst the forest, rocks, and wildlife of the island and the vast waters of Lake Superior that surround it.

The Rabbit Island Residency is open to individual applicants worldwide. Small collaborative groups (2-3 people) may also apply. The minimum age requirement is 21. The residency is open to visual artists of all disciplines, as well as writers, poets, architects, designers (graphic or industrial), musicians, filmmakers, composers, and choreographers.

A $20 application fee is required by clicking the donate link below. All fees are handled as donations to the Rabbit Island Residency program and the funds raised are used exclusively to support the residency program.

The level of funding varies from year to year, our goal is to provide each resident with a generous unrestricted honoraria.

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• No more than 8 works should be featured per artist.

• Include the title of each work, year, materials, and brief contextual captions if necessary.

• Time-based work samples such as audio or video should be 3 minutes in length or shorter.

• Writers or poets should submit 5 pages or fewer of writing samples.

• Include your CV in either PDF or HTML format.

• We recommend a simple and easy-to-navigate layout to showcase your work.

Contact details

www http://rabbitisland.org/art