The 7th Reveil broadcast will run from 5AM London time UTC+1 on the 2nd of May until 6AM on the 3rd, over the weekend of International Dawn Chorus Day.
Help create this annual 24+ hour transmission that loops the earth at sunrise, traveling on live environmental sounds shared over the internet. Send us a stream or relay the transmission through your radio networks. 
Streams can be transmitted using a mobile app, a laptop or a Raspberry Pi. They can be set up at little or no expense, and we can provide detailed support for those getting started. 
Reveil is assembled in a temporary radio studio at Stave Hill Ecological Park in London. Streams are hosted on the Locus Sonus soundmap. Reveil’s primary mountpoint is provided by Wave Farm in Acra, New York. Our UK broadcast partner is Resonance Extra. We invite FM and net radio stations to pick up and relay the broadcast in full or in part.
Reveil acts as a hub for a growing network of live ecological sound artists, activists, technologists, DIY broadcasters and researchers. Over 7 years, Reveil has brought together practitioners in the fields of ecological and transmission arts, as well as terrestrial and marine bio- and ecoacoustics.
Many contributors return to this project annually, providing a core of sounds up and and down the latitudes. Each year we also welcome new feeds from places we have never listened to before. Each stream adds to the detail and diversity of the mix. 
For information on how to contribute a stream to the Reveil broadcast, please start here: