Chrysalis Arts: New Programme for Artists to support the Development of Emerging Talent and skills in Green Arts Practice

Chrysalis Arts has an outstanding track record in supporting the development of artists’ talent in rural areas and in promoting innovation in rural arts practice. Chrysalis has also been involved in exploring and promoting the role of the visual arts within climate change and environmental sustainability for over ten years and is a designated Arts Council England lead organisation in Environmental Sustainability.

We are launching a new, two-year programme for Artists & Makers to support two areas of professional development:
– the development of emerging talent in early career artists

and / or
– the development of new skills and artistic innovation in Rural and Green Arts Practice.

This is a major opportunity for artists to develop their practice and professional careers and to create new work in a supportive and collaborative context.

Who it’s for:

To be eligible for the programme, artists must have successfully completed a degree in Fine Arts, Applied Arts, Digital Arts, Environmental Art etc, or obtained a postgraduate qualification or equivalent experience within the past three years

OR be embarking on a major shift in their practice to focus on environmental sustainability or working in a rural context.


Eligible artists may work within a clearly defined area of practice ie painting, sculpture, film, textiles etc or across different media/artforms but must be able to demonstrate clear evidence of individual artistic practice development, technical proficiency and professional approach. Applicants should have applied their practice in contexts outside their university / college setting, either during or after their course.

Priority will be given to Artists based in the North of England, but the programme is also open to those based in other rural areas or locations where access to professional support is limited.


Programme Content

Participants will be required to access bespoke mentoring support and collaborative learning opportunities whilst simultaneously developing and implementing a new creative project. This could include a residency, social engagement project or the creation of a new body of work for professional presentation within the agreed project timetable. Audience engagement is required as a key component of each project.

Chrysalis Arts will work with the artist to identify a partner eg arts organisation/venue, gallery, museum, library, local festival or other event which will host the presentation of the work or residency project.


Funding is available to cover the cost of materials, research, travel, production, documentation, audience engagement activities etc.

Participation in the programme will include:

  • Initial interviews and consultation with Chrysalis Arts to develop and agree an individual learning programme which will form part of the artists’ mentoring agreement.
  • Peer group learning opportunities, including group visits with other participating artists facilitated by Chrysalis Arts.
  • Free participation in Art Connections courses including our current Greening Arts Practice course,
  • 1:1 sessions with a dedicated mentor or mentors to be identified in collaboration with Chrysalis Arts.  These sessions will enable the mentees to gain expert advice on a range of topics.
  • Along with members of Chrysalis Arts team, the mentors will also work with the artist to advise on the development of their project and help ensure that the artist is able to present the work at the end of the mentoring period.


Applicants should bear in mind that they will be required to attend a number of cpd sessions held at Chrysalis Arts base in Gargrave, North Yorkshire.


Other requirements

Participants will enter into a contractual agreement to co-operate with Chrysalis Arts in the monitoring, promotion and evaluation of the programme, supplying regular updates on progress and update Chrysalis Arts on career development up to 5 years following its completion.


How to Apply

Applicants should write a letter stating their reasons for applying, any previous relevant experience and any particular areas of interest they would like to pursue. This should be accompanied by an Artist’s Statement, CV and images of work.

Applicants may apply at any stage between April and 31 July 2018.

If you would like to know more about this programme or the other support and information we offer, please get in touch:  / 01756 748529