She is the Sea
a poetry pamphlet with one shoreline essay and one riverbank essay

Crab & Bee
Helen BillinghurstPhil Smith 

“We seek in our poetry the inconvenient and cussed things in the urban flow – rusting boats, bin bags caught in trees, the rhythm of an allotment – that work as creative inhibitions and poetic drags upon short-termist thrills and self-destructions. We season pleasure with ’jouissance’; and within the exceptional joys of our adventures and through the rush of the over-excited climate crisis, conjure a reminder of the death we have in common.”
“For us, walking is something much closer to Butoh dance than a ramble or an afternoon stroll; we do not shy away from unsung, abject places in extreme distress, we engage with the grotesque and hilarious.

​We use our bodies – not just our senses, but also the sheet of fascia, jelly and gristle inside us – as hypersensitised litmus paper for detecting the signal hidden within the signal; a covert pattern we are coming to understand as the map that has always been partly there, guiding our walking; a choreography we simultaneously follow and invent.”