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Culture, Community & Climate: conversations and emergent praxis

(paperback ISBN 978-0-9957196-4-4)

Culture, Community and Climate: conversations and emergent praxis is a collection of essays and conversations representing a diverse array of voices, cultures, backgrounds and disciplines. But everyone who contributed to this book has something in common: they all care for the future of our planet. All explore different ways in which their mode of expression can be faced towards the dilemma our planet incontrovertibly faces as we enter the second decade of the 21st Century. The book is edited by Richard Povall, Visiting Research Professor at Science Walden, Ulsan National Institute of Science & Technology.

This collection spans many different styles from academic reports and essays to polemic to conversation. There has been no attempt to erase difference and adopt a single stylistic approach – each chapter retains its true authentic voice.

Contributors include: Anne-Marie Culhane, Amy Sharrocks, Markus Wernli, Loraine Leeson, Siobhan McDonald, Lilian Cooper, Margaret LeJeune, Myka Baum, Jaeweon Cho, Huiyuhl Yi, Bradley Tatar, Gowoon Lim, Den Be Kim, Jonas Nyamador and all the artists selected to take part in the ‘Tasting the Change’ residency programme in November 2019.



ROAR is a 2019 publication edited by Rosanna Greaves and Marina Velez. This 270-page curated book-work explores how artistic and aesthetic strategies address notions of sustainability. ROAR invited a selection of artists, curators, writers and academics to respond to broad issues around sustainability, such as the Anthropocene, ecology, land and borders, human and non-human relationships, notions of work, energy and time, and the creation and distribution of knowledge.

Contributors are: Maria Rebbeca Ballestra with Camilla Boemio / Fiona Parry / Kai Lossgott / Angelika Boeck and Uli Aigner / Michael Hrebeniak / Lisa Wilkens / Marina Velez / Rosanna Greaves and Tom Greaves / Kelcy Davenport, Nawrast Sabah, Abd Alwahab, Sally Stenton and Sarah Strachan / Stefano Cagol with M.I Franklin, Luba Kuzovnikova, Alessandro Castiglioni and Iara Boubnova.


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