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Stone Talks: intimate reflections by prize-winning poet Alyson Hallett


“I will be an avid reader of Stone Talks, and I’ll tell my friends to keep an eye out for it. I love the way you travel.” – Professor Donna Haraway, author and ecofeminist

Stone Talks – Alyson Hallett’s latest book – is published this week and launched this Sunday. Stone Talksis about embodied reading and embodied walking; about stones and dreams and co-creating in and with nature; about grief and the body as a site of intelligence; about haunted landscapes. The details are here.

“I am SO moved and filled with joy reading your work. I feel as if you’re restoring me to my faith, by which I mean faith in listening to feelings, hearing the instinctual voice. You write so simply and beautifully and authentically about your experiences and I admire your trueness of spirit.” – Paul Harris, Professor of English, LMU, Los Angeles

In the title essay, ‘Stone Talks, Alyson explores her lived experience of being talked to and guided in her life by stones. She examines the ideas of obedience and yielding, the body as a wilderness, and unfolds a walked artwork with stones that she undertook soon after her father died.

In the third essay ‘The Stone Monologues‘, Alyson embarks on a quest to “understand myself not as a single thing, a single point, but rather a constellation, a layered interruption in time comprising everyone and everything I encounter”. And this is what makes this a defining Triarchy book, as it combines themes of complexity and systems thinking with poetry and art.
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BOOK LAUNCH — SUNDAY 22ND SEPTEMBER — STANTON DREW near Bristol — event details

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