Triarchy authors Sandra Reeve and Nora Bateson lead a weekend workshop this March in Dorset, UK:

Dynamic Conversations in Context

If you know Nora Bateson’s work, you’ll know that she’s an ardent advocate of what she calls ‘transcontextual’ seeing, thinking and analysis. Her book Small Arcs of Larger Circles was selected by the Harvard Innovation Lab as a core text for its 2018 program and her research on Warm Data with the International Bateson Institute develops and extends the work that Gregory Bateson started in the middle of the last century on systems thinking and systems theory.‘Being part of a system requires knowing that whatever happens is an expression of the patterns that entire system is involved in – that means there is no fault, and everyone is responsible. No blame.’
Nora Bateson: Small Arcs of Larger Circles

If you know Sandra Reeve’s work, you’ll know that she’s an ardent advocate of what she calls ‘ecological movement’ — movement practice with an awareness of the changing environment, seen from an impermanent sense of self. For her, the ecological body perceives the moving world through movement.

‘The ecological body is aware of the effect that its movement is having on others and on the environment itself, and how they, in turn are conditioning its movement. The ecological body lives within movement itself and as a system dancing within systems, rather than as an isolated unit.’ 
Sandra Reeve: Dance Somatics and Spiritualities

16-17th March sees them together leading a workshop called Dynamic Conversations in Context. Do come if you can.