Vulgar Earth art Exhibition

We are delighted to invite you to our Exhibition Launch of ‘Vulgar Earth’ from April 14 to May 20 in the Andrew Lamont Gallery at Theatr Brcyheiniog.

This exhibition stems from concern that the effects of humankind, driven by profit, are felt everywhere from the city to the landscape of the Beacons. Vulgar Earth, an artists’ collective, uses painting, sculpture, installation, film, performance and writing, with a passion and intensity, to reawaken realisations and encourage discussion of the direction humanity has taken.

The exhibition launch will begin at 6.00pm outside the theatre with a live performance from Jo Bushell, a performance artist, who will open the exhibition with a participative, site-specific performance piece, drawing on the mythology and landscape of the Brecon Beacons, to explore the influence of nature/culture dualism on our understanding of what is valuable…and ultimately, what can therefore be exploited. Jo’s work can be seen here –