from Julia Robinson:

I’m super proud to proclaim the presentation of the publication of the poetry book that I would like to preen over with pleasure. Please. Yes!
I wrote the poems over 15 years. They are to lots of different people, not all boyfriends, not all even humans, and yet when they slipped slided together it is as if they were born to create a tapestry story between themselves.
It was a wonderful journey of introspection. I realised I was writing more about me than the ‘other’. I discovered how I care, how I fear, I discovered that I have deeply loved and continue to do so.
Ironically, I’m publishing this as a single person, who has been single for a long, long time. And in a sense it is not ironic, for I have learnt that how I love, is also how I am learning to love myself.
If you would like a copy, please, with joy, click here: