June 20 to July 25 in the Garden Room Gallery

Water, in all its forms, and locations, is the underlying theme which inspires all four artists in this exhibition.  From that starting point they each have their own responses.  Sue Coulson explores the seascape of South Devon between Paignton and Dawlish.  Zoe Hudson’s work is influenced by locations in the UK and in France.  Andrew Phillips bases his work on places important to him in Scotland and the South Downs; The Seine and the River Dart inspire Muriel Soriano.

Sue Coulson:  The charcoal drawings are from Being on A Wave, a body of work that examines the uneasy relationship between the natural and the manmade –– the static anxiety of waiting, the pause and sense of anticipation which marks a suspension of time and the longing to return when the narrative moves relentlessly onward with its slow terrifying topple into the next moment.

Zoe Hudson:  The artworks that I create come forward from a meditative space through an alchemical blend of sacred water from locations in the UK and France.  They are created with inks that swirl together as one, with an intention to inspire a renewed remembrance and appreciation of our deep connection with the water on this blue jewel we call home.

Andrew Phillips:  This work considers felt experience of landscapes to be part of an intuitive conversation with the land as entity, rather than a consequence of our own human projections.  The artwork is, in part, an act of devotion to the body of Earth, to engage the Spirit of Place, and distil a tangible essence of the ‘skull beneath the skin’ of landscape.

Muriel Soriano:  My seascapes are the result of long meditative walks along the banks of the Seine, and lately along the banks of the Dart, just before they reach the Chanel, that special place known as an estuary, where the salt water meets the sweet river water.  The movement of the sand under my feet and the relentless to and fro of the waters, always the same, always different, are the inspiration that gave birth to this ongoing series.

Reception and meet the artists:  will take place as part of the next First Friday event, on the 6th of July, starting with the usual shared lunch at 13:00.  During lunch there will be a chance to have informal conversations with all the artists, except for Andrew Phillips who will be unable to join us from Scotland.  Go here for more information about First Fridays.

For more information about location and hours go to:  gardenroomgallery.com

Image:   A Blue Fire © Andrew Phillips