from Nautilus

Sure, you can go with the flow. But what does that mean? Physicists assure us time doesn’t flow. The laws of nature say no way. Only your brain wants time to flow from one instant to the next. But your brain can’t make up its mind about the length of the instants. Time can fly or creep in a petty pace. It depends on your mood, your age, whether you’re listening to the Ramones or Erik Satie.

Engineers tell us flow describes how fluids or gases behave in relationship to their environment. Flow can be laminar (smooth) or turbulent (chaotic). But when it’s turbulent, scientists are baffled about what in the world’s going on. Then again, flow can be a transcendent feeling. It can lift you out of time, make you feel one with the universe.

Scientists and writers may not be able to pin a definition on flow, but they love to allude to it.

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