Linda Ingham

My practice has mostly concentrated around subjects related to landscape and place for the past 20 years or so. Living so close to the coast, and a SSSI reserve in Lincolnshire has been a constant source of interest and a wonderful site for walking, watching and learning. Most recently I have become particularly interested in botany – the plants that surround us on our walks and routes and which are often considered ‘weeds’ or overlooked, despite a rich folk and/or herbal history. This interest has extended to my undertaking a 3-year project working with the RSPB on a meadow which they are developing in an ex-arable-farm field, and taking on 2 allotments to increase my own attempt to live sustainably, develop wildlife habitat, keep learning – and develop my practice. I have since 2017 been curator at Gallery Steel Rooms, North Lincolnshire, where our programme is dedicated to subjects surrounding landscape and place, and have work in many collections in Britain, the US and China.


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March 6, 2019