Borrowed Time: on death & dying

Dartington Hall, November 2-4, 2020

This is an early notice of our next Creative Summit. In November 2020 we look forward to welcoming you to a three-day gathering at the Dartington Estate, bringing together a rich diversity of voices related to death and dying, and to the many ways in which unsought processes of change impact upon, sustain and underpin all our lives – human or otherwise.

We look forward to welcoming performers, practitioners and makers alongside provocateurs, celebrants and professionals to an assembly whose remit will be broad, and inclined towards the unpredictable: opening a space where a palliative care professional may find themselves sharing a conversation with a dancer, a poet and a climate scientist, and where the nature of our theme may steer such conversations towards the urgency, honesty and generosity called for by a time of accelerating change.

Callout to be announced in December.

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