Borrowed Time: on death, dying & change

Dartington Hall, November 2-4, 2020

What constitutes ‘a good death’? How do we know death, personally? What room do we make for the dead – within our relationships, our ways of speaking, our shared geographies? And how might the insights of end-of-life care and death practices help us to navigate the fundamental unsustainability of the dominant culture, and to better imagine what comes after it?

We invite you to our next creative summit where an end-of-life carer may find themselves sharing a conversation with a poet, a dancer or a climate scientist, and where the nature of our theme may steer such conversations towards the urgency, honesty and radical hospitality called for by a time of accelerating change.

The callout is now available. The deadline for proposals is March 29 2020.

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[Bee image: Sarah Gillespie End of the Summer (detail) mezzotint engraving]